Dry Van/ LTL Freight

3rd Party Freight Brokers

Total Connection’s vast network of Dry Van Truckload carriers allows you to send your freight across the country with a single phone call.  We have over 30,000 approved carriers screened by our direct link into the FMCSA database to manage all of their safety ratings, out of service notices and insurance requirements.

We have all of the resources you need to move your freight where you need it when you need it at the most competitive price.

We help you beat the challenges shipping Truckload Freight

No matter how big or small your company, we help you tap in to the largest carrier networks in North America to move your dry van freight on time.

A lot of small to midsize shippers are facing many challenges facing the current driver shortage in the US.  With the dynamic supply and demand price and capacity changes on an on-going basis relative to pickup locations, destination, and any special requirements.

To fight this, Total Connection constantly monitors the state of the logistics industry so you don’t have to.  This allows us to take advantage of the lowest truckload shipping rates and completely optimize the complex supply chains of our clients like you.

Benefits of Calling us to ship Your Truckload Shipment

Less than Truckload Shipping

For those shipments that don’t need a full truckload, Total Connection is also a preferred LTL freight broker for over 1000 companies.  Sometimes the advantages of moving your freight with a preferred LTL carrier has some benefits vs using a full truckload.

Benefits of shipping LTL

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