The #1 Liquid Bulk Connection

A bulk connection made by TCLS between a carrier and a chemical to transport

A Premier Liquid Bulk Connection Transportation Provider 

Whether you require a bulk connection across the country or across town, Total Connection carries an unmatched variety of tanker capacity options.  We specialize in making liquid bulk connection you’re your chemical freight and our network of over 30,000+ approved carriers.

For over 30 Years TCLS has been providing bulk connection services for a wide range of industries including specialty chemicals, food-grade tank trailers, dangerous goods, and more.  We hold a strong culture to the safety of your freight from pickup to delivery.

Long-Haul Bulk Connection

Look no further than total Connection’s long haul liquid bulk network with 1000’s of capacity options to get your HAZMAT or specialty chemicals where you want them, when you want them.

Our approved carriers go through a stringent qualification process before we ever connect them with your freight.  All of the difficult screening, and compliance work is all done for you by industry experts.  All you have to do is make a single phone call and we will set up the bulk connection with our carrier to move your bulk freight right away.

Reliable Connection for Chemicals and Bulk Carriers

Total Connection has been a reliable resource for the chemical transportation business since 1994.  We employ only industry veterans and with a combined century of liquid bulk chemical experience, have been able to fill the supply chain gaps for any company in need of HAZMAT liquid bulk carriers and chemical transport.

Why Choose Total as your preferred liquid bulk provider?

  • One Call Coverage™: Total Connection’s technology and communication lines allow us to extract all of the details of your liquid bulk shipment promptly and accurately, so you only need to make one phone call for us to complete the connection.


  • Expert Personnel: Our account managers average 10+ years with our company which means you are always working with a seasoned industry veteran with powerful bulk connections in the industry.


  • International Options: total connection is the only premium liquid bulk carrier with specialized experience shipping worldwide. We can get your chemicals wherever they need to go.


  • Safety Centered Mission: Our number one priority while shipping your freight is safety. From our drivers to your product and the communities it passes through, we read, interpret and enforce every rule and regulation to make sure that your liability is minimized as much as possible.


  • Full Transparency and Flexibility: Last minute load changes? No problem. Need an update after hours? We can do that too.  Our structure allows for extreme flexibility with your freight and we always pledge to keep that maximum amount of transparency as possible every step of the way.

Total connection is committed to providing you with as much information as possible on the status of your chemical shipments.  Whenever we make a bulk connection, you’re updated on the status of your shipments whenever you need them.  At Total Connection, your freight is always held as our top priority.

Only the most experience carriers are hand selected and screened to haul our customer’s freight.  We do everything in our power to make sure your chemical shipment gets into and stays in the right hands.

For a no-cost obligation free quote from Total Connection, simply give us a call at 732-817-0401 or click “Request a Quote” to fill out our instant quote form and we will be happy to assist with arranging your transportation.

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