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Now you can get real time quotations from an expert in liquid bulk freight rates with a few easy clicks.  We can handle any special requirements for your liquid shipment including hazmat, temperature controlled, food-grade and more.

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About Liquid Bulk Rates From Total Connection

Liquid bulk freight rates have continued to rise over the years so it has become more necessary for liquid bulk freight brokers to step up for their customers and negotiate the best rates possible for their shippers.

As demand continues to exceed capacity and have an effect on liquid bulk freight, it’s important to leverage the pre-built relationships that long time liquid bulk brokers have established.

How to combat higher rates:

Some shippers have chosen to pass on the rising costs to their customers through markups, but this is proving to be a difficult model to sustain.  Here are some easy ways to keep your bulk freight rates down and customer satisfaction high.

  • Be flexible with pick-up and delivery times and dates: Just like airplane tickets, there is a “best day” to ask for and commit to liquid bulk freight rates.  The more flexible you are, the easier it will be for carriers to accommodate your loads at a lower cost to you.

  • Provide all details for your shipment before shipping: One of the most common reasons liquid bulk freight rates are so high is because broad directions from shippers often get over quoted to avoid any liability from the carrier end. The more information you can give your trusted liquid bulk broker, the easier they will be able to find a truck that meets your specs at an affordable rate.

  • Build carrier friendly relationships: Many chemical shippers only take into account their own supply chain and not the effect that it has on any one else’s business. When something like this happens and something goes wrong for the carrier, rumors spread quickly and more carriers are less likely to take any similar loads.  Make sure to establish policies that put service to carriers first and they will most likely go above and behind to make sure your chemical freight arrives safe and sound.

  • Use a trusted liquid bulk freight broker: With the quick changing regulations and capacity shortage, it has never been more necessary to build relationships with trusted brokers to obtain the most efficient liquid bulk quotes.

Total Connection has been a trusted liquid bulk freight broker for over 20 years.  With bulk shipping experts bringing a combined 80 years of experience in the chemical industry, it’s very likely we’ve moved every kind of chemical freight you can imagine.

For a free, no obligation liquid bulk freight rate, simply fill out any form on this site or give us a call at 732-817-0401 and one of our bulk specialists will be happy to answer any questions you might have about the liquid bulk shipping process.

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