Who We Are

An obsession with better service

In an industry slow to adapt to the fast pace of technology, Total Connection strives to lead the charge to bring logistics into the modern world. 

We are the worlds largest family run 3rd party logistics broker and we pride ourselves on being the most transparent, well communicated transportation provider you will ever work with.

We’re more than a service provider…

Total Connection is not your typical service provider.  We offer much more than spot rate quotes, expedited service and a full suite of transportation services.

Our strength is in our flexibility.  We immerse ourselves in your business so that we have the ability to twist and turn in any direction that makes your supply chain run like a well oiled machine.

 You tell us about your freight, and we’ll do all the rest.

You’re time is too valuable to be caught in the middle of tracking shipments, pushing paperwork, negotiating rates and navigating the constant changing regulatory maze.

 Our number 1 promise…When you work with us you’ll know the real cost of moving your freight always.

We are a full scale, non-asset based 3rd party logistics provider specializing in all modes of transportation in the US, Mexico, Canada and International.

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