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Chemical Trucking Company You Can Rely On.

Success with chemical trucking companies require a depth of knowledge in the safety requirements of shipping chemical freight combined with relationships that take decades to build and maintain.  The combined stress of what seems like a never-ending search for chemical trucking capacity and the responsibility of delivering consistent service to your customers is not easy and that is why Total Connection has been dedicated to helping traffic managers like you succeed in their role since 1994.

While you focus on growing your business, making sales and managing the internal operations of your company, Total Connection can act as your own personal chemical trucking company, a direct connection on the pulse of the liquid chemical trucking industry.

We deliver the knowledge and expertise in shipping liquid chemicals safely, reliably and most importantly cost effectively to meet the needs of your customers and your own supply chain.

Benefits of Total Connection as your Chemical Trucking Company

  • 24/7 Support: We eliminate the need for you to be on call 24 hours a day with your managers, shipping plant, receiving plant, customers and carrier. Like premier chemical trucking companies should, we’ll take care of all of those phone calls so you can get a good nights sleep knowing your liquid bulk chemical freight is in good hands.

  • Commitment to Safety: Total Connection thoroughly vets and qualifies our chemical trucking companies that we allow into our network. No matter what safety requirements you or your customers have, we have access to chemical trucking companies who can satisfy them.

  • Expedited Claims Process: Claims happen when shipping with chemical trucking companies, and when they do, it helps to know that you’re covered. Total Connection has an expedited claims process so that if something goes wrong in transit, we’ll help make it right.

  • Long Term Chemical Trucking Staff: Unlike other brokers that give you a new “account manager” every 2 months, Total Connection is focused on longevity. Our staff has been with us for an average of 20 year’s so odds are we’ve seen every type of chemical shipment you have.

Chemical Trucking Companies That Innovate:

Since Total Connection is a chemical trucking company that specializes in liquid bulk shipping we have the ability to design custom logistic solutions to fit your supply chain.

We go beyond pickup and delivery to present you the most cost effective options to ship your liquid chemical freight as cost effective and hassle free as possible.

Custom Chemical Trucking Services Available

  • Dedicated Liquid Bulk Trucking Equipment

  • HAZMAT and Temperature Controlled

  • Longterm Chemical Shipping Campaigns

  • Long-haul and Regional Liquid Bulk Shipping

  • Chemical Trans-loading

  • Multi compartment chemical trailers.

Liquid Chemical Trucking Industries We Serve

Over 25+ years we have served chemical companies from manufacturers to distributors in just about every chemical industry that exists.  Some of our specialties as a chemical trucking company include:

  • Agriculture and Fertilizer

  • Acrylates and Methacrylates

  • Petrochemical

  • Additives

  • Plasticizer and Polymer

  • Energy and Manufacturing

Total Connection provides industry leading people and processes to ensure we meet your business requirements.  Reliable Chemical trucking companies leave nothing to chance, and we are no different.  We put the success of our valued customers first.  For a free quote or if you would like some advice about an upcoming chemical shipment, fill out any form on this site or give us a call any time at 732-817-0401.

FMC LIC: 026203NF | MC: 280101

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