Total Connection has been in the business of bulk chemical transportation for close to three decades. That’s almost three decades of consistently excellent service to countless companies across various industries, including oil and gas, construction, and agriculture. And our customer base keeps growing. This isn’t us blowing our horn. It’s us telling you there’s something we offer customers that other logistics companies don’t.

Here’s what we can offer:

The 3 Main Types of Chemical Transportation

Chemical transportation splits into three major types, depending on the type of chemical you intend to transport. The three main types of chemicals we transport at Total Connection are::

General Chemicals

  1. The general chemicals are mostly used in the industries as liquid material components for end products. Examples of such general chemicals additives for coatings, polymers, and the oil and gas industries. 

Total Connection has the equipment, personnel, and expertise needed to ship all chemicals that belong to this category. These general chemicals must, however, not be hazardous, or they belong to the next category of chemicals.


  1. Hazardous materials (HAZMAT) are chemicals that are potentially dangerous because they pose significant risks to lives, properties, or the environment. Examples of HAZMAT are nuclear waste products, radiological agents, fuels, and toxic chemicals. And thanks to their potential dangerousness, there’s an endless list of rules and regulations to follow when transporting HAZMAT.

And so, Total Connection dedicates a well-trained staff and the best equipment to the transportation of these inherently dangerous chemicals.

Food Grade Chemicals

  1. Food grade chemicals are organic or inorganic chemicals that go into the production of food or any other product that is safe for consumption. Their uses include taste improvement and preservatives in consumable products. Examples of food-grade chemicals are food preservatives, antioxidants, and artificial flavoring, and food coloring.

Food grade chemicals not only have to be health and safety regulations compliant, but they also have to meet international standards like the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC). Likewise, the transport of these chemicals is regulated by bodies such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

How are industrial chemicals transported?

Industrial chemicals are transported in bulk in tank trailers. These tank trailers can carry thousands of gallons of industrial chemicals at once, making it easy for production plants to always replenish their chemical reserves for an uninterrupted production process.

How to Save on Your Chemical Transportation

Chemical transportation could cost a lot when you don’t know your way around it, but it doesn’t always have to be so. At Total Connection, we have ways of helping you cut down on your chemical shipping expenses. Thanks to these methods, we have successfully saved millions of dollars for our customers.

Here are some methods we rely on to help you save on your chemical transportation:


  1. Having clear communication with your bulk chemical transport company is crucial to saving you a lot of money. Miscommunication could cost you and the chemical transport company precious time, costs, and resources. 

Examples of things to communicate with your carrier include the exact chemical you’re trying to transport, the temperature requirements of the chemical, and the layout of your production plant or warehouse. This way, the carrier knows what kind of tanks and equipment to allocate to your bulk chemical transport.

But because you can’t possibly think of all the things to tell your carrier, especially if it’s your first time, Total Connection asks you some important questions. We then extract all the information we need from your answer to these questions.


  1. Planning and proper communication go hand in hand. Proper planning helps you know when you would need to replenish your chemical supply. Otherwise, you could lose precious production time when you run out of important chemicals mid-production. 

Your chemical transportation company may help you by making last-minute deliveries or cancelations. But this would take a lot of flexibility which only a few chemical transport companies can boast of, including Total Connection. So, the bulk of the planning responsibility rests on you.


  1. The formation of the right partnerships with your bulk chemical carrier can go a long way in cutting losses on your chemical transport. At Total Connection, for instance, we not only offer the best deals, but we also connect you with the best suppliers of your chemicals. 

Total Connection Can Be Your Expert Chemical Transportation Partner

Total Connection has the expertise and the experience. We offer the best deals and the most flexible services. As far as we’re concerned, you’re our only customer, and our professionals, equipment, and experience are there to help secure your chemicals safely and efficiently.


You can finally sleep with your two eyes closed when Total Connection handles your chemical shipment, knowing that you have zero risks as long as your shipments are coming through us. We take full responsibility and make sure your chemicals get to you without the slightest delay, exposure to danger, or drop in quality.

Our chemical transportation services include:

  • HAZMAT shipping

  • Dedicated liquid bulk freight

  • Long haul/regional chemical shipping

  • Temperature controlled liquid chemical freight, and so much more.

And here are the things you stand to gain when you come to us:

  • Real-time updates of any significant chemical shipping events

  • Tailor-made services for your needs and budget

  • Full transparency of unforeseen delays

  • Reliable customer support by email or phone round the clock

  • Last-minute changes and updates to pickup/delivery requirement

The best of all is that partnering with us is as easy as it can ever get. You only need to fill the brief quote form on this page and our experts will get in touch with you ASAP. 

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