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In Transit Heat Trailer: Top 5 Benefits


As a bulk chemical shipper if you are tasked with shipping a temperature sensitive product, one of the most efficient ways to move the chemical over the road is using an transit heat trailer.  The process is simple.  Using coils that are run through the trailer hot liquid is run from the engine through the network of pipes on the underbelly of the tank.

By using heat naturally produced by the engine, the product is maintained at the temperature specified by the shipper or receiver.  Amongst all of the ways to maintain the temperature of a shipment, an in transit heat trailer remains one of the most popular for these following reasons.

Readily Available Equipment

While tanker trucks come with many different specs and functionalities, in transit heat is relatively easy to locate in the world of tanker trucks.  Many carriers maintain a fleet equipped with plenty of trucks equipped with in transit heat to accommodate temperature sensitive material.  The abundance of resources makes these tanker trailers easy to locate which brings us to benefit number two of in transit heat trailers.

Cost Effective Options

It is generally inexpensive to ship a chemical using an in-transit heat trailer because it does not rely on any outside components or additives.  Customers usually pay only a modest flat fee in order to utilize the trucks functionality throughout the duration of the trip

Low failure rate

Even a Ferrrari breaks down once in a while, but rarely is a shipment moved where the heat in transit component of the trailer fails to maintain its temperature.  Due to the accessibility of this temperature controlled option it is very easy for a driver to test their equipment before a shipment ever leaves the origin.  There are very few moving parts to make it work so the occasion that the system fails on an in transit heat trailer is rare.

Be careful though…If you don’t use a reliable liquid bulk carrier for your chemical shipments there is always a larger chance of human error to occur.


In transit heat trailers can be used to accommodate a wide range of temperature requirements from heating a product to maintaining its temperature, to full recovery scenarios if a product were to solidify during the move.  A lot of products ship with strict requirements especially during the winter months.  In transit heat allows you much more versatility in your chemical shipments.

No Risk of Contamination

While some heating methods depend on steam which could be harmful to products sensitive to moisture, the delivery system of in transit heat is separated from the shipment so much so that the risk of direct contamination is a non-issue.

These reasons amongst many others are why using in transit heat if you are shipping a temperature sensitive chemical is the best decision you can make for your chemical shipment.

If you are shipping a liquid bulk load and want to hear more about how an in transit heat trailer can satisfy your shipping requirements, be sure to fill out the liquid bulk quote form on this page and request an instant quote.  Total Connection has been a dependable liquid freight broker for over 28 years and our bulk liquid team has a combined 60 years of experience shipping chemicals of every kind over the road and across the entire continental US.

Watch this video showing how In-Transit Heat Trailer Works
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