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If you are in search of Liquid bulk freight brokers, Total Connection is here to assist you with all of your bulk chemical shipping needs.  

What are liquid bulk freight brokers?

Liquid bulk freight brokers serve as intermediaries between chemical shippers and liquid bulk tanker carriers.  They are responsible for coordinating safe over the road transport for hazardous and non hazardous chemicals.

At total connection, we are experienced liquid bulk freight brokers who service all modes of liquid bulk transportation across the United States and Canada and virtually any industry reliant on the safe transport of chemicals.

Our bulk chemical transportation experts specialize in the safe and responsible movement of any chemical with any requirements including Hazardous material, temperature control requirements, and dangerous goods.

Why Do You Need A Liquid Bulk Freight Broker?

It’s important to understand that not all freight broker’s are created equal.  In fact, out of thousands of freight broker’s only a very small percentage have the knowledge, expertise and experience needed in order to move bulk chemical freight.

Total Connection has worked for over 25 years to build the largest liquid tanker network in North America.  Our proprietary carrier retention methods ensure that we can reserve premier capacity options in all major chemical trade-lanes across North America.  This is how we maintain a record high performance index and meet any of our customer’s requested KPI’s

How Do You Choose the Right Liquid Bulk Partner?

Like anything in business, choosing the right partner is crucial to success in any industry.  There is a very strict but reasonable list of expectations you should place on any liquid bulk freight broker you are considering working with.  

Total Connection has been an expert resource for the liquid chemical industry since 1994.  We’ve earned a reputation of one of the most reliable carriers for handling hazmat liquid chemical loads for our customers.

Benefits of using Total Connection as your primary Liquid Bulk Brokerage.

On Demand Emergency Response. Total Connection is on call 24/7 for emergencies with your loads.  While we never anticipate them, we’ll take the phone call in the middle of the night so you don’t have to.

Personalized service: Total Connection is among very few family owned liquid bulk freight broker, not under the influence of corporations or share holders. You only have to deal with a dedicated account representative who will learn your business inside and out and when you call, rest assure you wont have to deal with any automated message services.

Unmatched Experience with your product: Total Connection has moved chemicals for every industry including chemicals, solvents, agriculture, food grade, paints, acrylates, polymers, resins and more.  If its liquid chances are we’ve shipped it.

Risk Management- Total Connection carries 5,000,000 dollars in general liability insurance. Instead of the usual 1,000,000 by most liquid freight brokers.  You can rest assured that your shipment is covered every mile it moves.

No Last Minute Surprises: We pride ourselves on constant communication with our customers. If something goes wrong your reliable liquid bulk freight brokers will make sure you’re the first to know while we start working on fixing the problem in the most cost efficient way possible.

Liquid Bulk Freight Brokers Compliance and Safety

Liquid bulk is one of the most complex modes of transportation we handle.  Between constant changing regulations governing the transportation of Hazmat, strict insurance requirements for chemicals classified as dangerous goods, and the special loading and unloading requirements that change from shipper to shipper, it’s crucial to have experience liquid bulk freight brokers in your corner to help guide you through any hurdles your shipment might face.

Total Connection liquid bulk freight brokers take compliance off your hands.  Let us worry about the changing regulatory landscape while you can focus on customer service and giving more value to grow your company.

All of our carriers are constantly screened with our state-of-the-art transportation management systems that take direct updates straight from the FMCSA database.  All of our carriers are screened for the proper Hazmat safety plans, insurance requirements, out of service statistics and more metrics before they ever get the chance to move your loads.

FMC LIC: 026203NF | MC: 280101

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