Warehousing And Storage In Houston, Texas

Public storage and warehousing companies offer third-party storage services, primarily to the foreign trade, manufacturing, and retail sectors. By handling a wide range of storage needs, the industry earns much of its revenue from the storage of consumer goods. As such, the demand for warehousing services tends to be impacted by manufacturing as well as domestic and foreign trade.


The warehousing and storage industry in the United States is currently valued at $34 billion, creating about 1.08 million jobs in 2021, representing a 13.5% increase from the previous year. The industry has witnessed a steady growth of 4% in the US market from 2017 through 2022, making it the 15th-highest transport and warehousing industry and the 305th-largest industry in the United States.


Texas is the second biggest state in the US in terms of area. The lone star state’s freight and logistics market should reach a CAGR of 4% between 2022 and 2027, propelled by solid logistics infrastructure, a rising population, and high demand for logistics within the state. Texas’s proximity to Mexico, America’s second top trade partner, makes the state well-known in the logistics industry.


Texas’s most popular city and the fourth largest city in the United States, Houston, offers a mix of imagination, talent, and attraction. The economy of Houston is based primarily on energy, particularly oil. Most of Houston’s success as a petrochemical hub is down to its shipping channel, the Port of Houston, the country’s biggest port in terms of international commerce and the sixth-largest in the world.


As Houston continues to thrive as a commercial hub, so does the logistics industry. The increased international commerce in Houston has created a higher demand for warehousing and storage services in the city. According to statistics from CBRE, Houston has had an 11.1% increase in warehouse or storage centers over 200,000 sq. ft. in 2021, giving it the highest growth in the whole of the United States.

Warehousing and Storage Services

Every warehouse and storage establishment provides unique solutions. However, packaging, storage, and shipping are some services prevalent in most logistics companies. Similar to most locations, warehousing and storage companies in Houston offer the following range of services;


  • Storage
  • Select and pack
  • Order processing
  • Return processing
  • Shipping
  • Cross-docking
  • Assembling and kitting
  • Inventory management
  • Supply chain management assistance
  • Palletized transport


Reputable third-party logistics companies run most of the warehouses in the city, making it costly for some business to store their goods. It’s also difficult for shippers to identify the best warehousing service that satisfies their requirements. Hence, these warehousing services work closely with freight forwarders.


As with every other logistics sector in Houston, the freight forwarding market has grown significantly. Regarding warehousing, freight forwarders identify low-cost warehousing options for your merchandise. They determine the best place to store your goods and product components in various locations to create the quickest, most efficient shipping route.

Store Your Cargo With Total Connection

The primary responsibility of a freight forwarder is to help streamline the supply chain on different levels. This includes export documentation, insurance, customs clearance, packing, warehousing, and inventory management. As experts in these areas, freight forwarding companies are the best way to accomplish your supply chain.


In line with this, you can choose Total Connection for all your freight solutions. As a global leader in NVOCC and freight forwarding, Total Connection provides perfectly tailored freight services focused on quick transit, cost-effectiveness, and excellent customer service.


We offer all freight solutions from custom clearance to inventory management, and our quality warehousing service covers a wide range of requirements, including cold and on-demand storage. Additionally, we engage in global maritime services from ocean forwarding to LCL consolidation and FCL container management.


Total Connection has the experience and relationship to ship your goods and engage in warehousing and storage services in Houston, Texas. This means we always have representatives on-site to ensure your cargo receives the appropriate attention. Contact us today!




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