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All You Need To Know About Bonded Warehouses

When businesses experience rapid growth, they commonly consider expanding their manufacturing operations by establishing several offshore storage facilities. This decision is often justified as a …

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Inland Freight Shipping: Rail vs. Truck

When it comes to freight shipping, there are numerous methods available for transporting goods to their destination. And regarding inland freight transportation, two of the …

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What is a Shipping Container Yard?

Purchasing and maintaining containers is among the most significant investments that shipping companies undertake and remains an indispensable aspect of their operations. Aside from the …

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Understanding Telex Release

As we navigate through the plethora of documents in logistics, particularly in the shipping industry, a term that stands out is telex release. Ideally, every …

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What is Wharfage?

Wharfage is a common term in the shipping and maritime industry. It refers to the fee charged by the port authorities for using their wharf …

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