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Flame Retardants, Polymer Additives and How to Ship Them

Fire-safe plastics are crucial to our daily use. Without them, there would be a lot more fire outbreaks and higher fatality rates from these disasters …

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All About Elastomers and How to Ship Them

Elastomers are everywhere around us. We depend on them, probably more than we ever imagined. They’re in our cars, our houses, our offices, and everywhere …

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Liquid Bulk Polymer Additive Shipping

Plastic is one of the most abundant materials around us. We use it for everything, from furniture to electronics, automobiles, food packaging/containers, and many more. …

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Liquid Bulk Fats, Tallow and Oil Shipping

What are Fats and Oils? Fats and oils are substances that comprise molecules we call triglycerides. These triglycerides are made up of three fatty acid …

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The Role of Protective Coatings in Sustainability

Green is the color of the earth. At least, that’s what people, governments, and industries are trying to achieve. Everyone is making efforts to reduce …

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