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Liquid Hardeners: How to ship them in liquid bulk tankers


The durability of concrete construction is crucial to the success of the entire construction project. Concrete is used for a lot of construction applications, mainly because of its durability. But there’s a problem when the concrete that everyone expects to be durable starts giving out before other construction materials. The consequences of this range from high maintenance and replacement costs to reduced property values.

That is why the strength and durability of a concrete surface should be increased as best as one can during construction. And that is what liquid hardeners are used for. Now, we aren’t saying liquid hardeners are quick fixes for a poorly prepared concrete mixture. That’s more like slapping a band-aid on a broken wrist. And frankly, the only remedy to that is the complete replacement of the concrete construction. However, what we’re saying is that a combination of liquid hardeners and properly prepared and placed concrete can lengthen the lifespan of the concrete.

Here in this article, you’ll learn:

What are Liquid Hardeners?

Liquid hardeners are inorganic compounds that engage in some complex reactions with the free lime on the surface (or just beneath it) of concrete. And as the name suggests, the hardener hardens the concrete and increases its wear and abrasion resistance.

Apart from hardening the concrete surface to increase wear and abrasion resistance, constructors apply liquid hardeners to concrete to seal the surface and make it dustproof. In addition, some hardeners make the concrete surface shiny after a few months of use and normal cleaning. The formulation of liquid hardeners depends on the manufacturer, but they are always silicates.

How Liquid Hardeners Work

When you mix cement with water, they react to form calcium hydroxide and silica. These two products then react to form calcium silicate hydrate (C-S-H). All these reactions take place as the cement hardens. It is this C-S-H that helps the concrete bond with the cement, forming a solid surface that hardens into the concrete we know.

However, the problem is that this reaction always produces more calcium hydroxide (or free lime) than we need. This excess free lime could be detrimental to the strength of the concrete, as it causes the concrete to have tiny holes on its surface.

Hardeners are the solution. Remember we said hardeners are all silicates. Well, this silicate reacts with the excess free lime to form more C-S-H, which eventually hardens the surface of the concrete.

Liquid hardeners can be added to both freshly placed and already existing concrete.

Roller shutter door and concrete floor outside factory building for industry background.

Benefits of Liquid Hardeners

Liquid hardeners have been in use since the early 20th century. And these are some benefits that constructors have derived from the chemicals since then:

1.    Boosts Resistance to Wear and Abrasion

Liquid hardeners seal the concrete surface to make it harder. A harder concrete is more resistant to wear and abrasion.

2.    Boosts the Durability of Existing Concrete

The life of an existing concrete can be extended with the application of liquid hardeners. This makes it a popular solution for concrete floors of high-traffic areas, such as warehouses, that are already weakening from use. Placing a fresh level of concrete is not a cost-effective alternative, so liquid hardeners are sent to do the job.

3.    Increases Resistance to the Freeze-Thaw Cycle

Freezing and thawing stress construction materials, including concrete. They weaken the materials and shorten their life spans. But with liquid hardeners, this effect can be mitigated.

4.    Resistance to Staining

After regular use and normal cleaning of a liquid hardened floor, the surface gets smoother and gets shinier. This makes it harder for the stain to stick to the surface.

Shipping Liquid Hardeners in Bulk

Liquid hardeners are easy to ship in bulk if you know what logistics company to turn to. Otherwise, you could be stuck on the long, windy road of frustration.

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