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Temperature Controlled Chemical Transport


Unlike moving freight in dry vans, temperature controlled chemical transport is done slightly differently due to several factors.  These can be depending on factors such as the nature of the product, the climate, the specific lane being shipped and requirements the receiver may have while delivering temperature controlled chemical transport.

Temperature controlled chemical transport can mean that the temperature of a liquid bulk chemical in a tanker trailer is either heated, cooled or maintained from the original state that it was loaded.

Many shippers will choose to ship temperature controlled chemicals in a liquid bulk tanker for many reasons including cost efficiency vs. tote shipping and ease of unloading a chemical tanker.

Methods of Temperature Controlled Chemical Transport

In Transit heat for tanker trucks

One of the ways to maintain or manipulate the temperature of a chemical substance during transport by tanker truck.  It is useful when a chemical substance needs to arrive at the destination at a temperature at or above the temperature at which it was loaded.

Why In-Transit Heat is useful

In transit heat is useful for substances prone to solidify at cooler temperatures.  A challenge that many temperature controlled chemical transport shippers face, especially in the winter months.  It is advantageous to other methods of transport because the equipment is so readily available.

How does In Transit Heat Work

In transit heat is delivered to the product through a network of coils that run through the bottom of a tank truck.  Antifreeze heated by the engine circulates through the coils near product in the tank providing a warm “blanket” to maintain the temperature.

In this instance, the actual heat provided depends on the temperature at which the engine is operating and can not be manipulated on a per case basis.

Steaming the Tanker

Another method of moving a temperature controlled chemical transport shipment is be steaming a product at regular intervals during the chemical tanker movement.  It is useful for products that need to arrive at a temperature much higher than that of which it was shipped.

Many shippers and receivers will opt to steaming trailers when there is any sort of unexpected delay that requires a carrier to remain loaded with a temperature sensitive liquid chemical longer than anticipated.

Why is Steaming A Tanker useful

It is useful because it allows for much faster heating of a large volume of liquids.  Steaming a trailer allows a solidified product to be salvaged after hardening in a trailer while in most cases maintaining the integrity of the loaded product.

How Steaming a Tanker Work

Steaming works by a liquid bulk tank driver bringing the loaded tanker to a station that provides steaming as a service.  Hot steam is run through a network of coils that surround the outside of the truck.  As searing hot steam is run through, the internal temperature of the product is monitored until it reaches the desired temperature.  From there the freight is delivered quickly before the heat dissipates or the steam is maintained until further direction is given from the shipper.


Sometimes the most efficient method of cooling a tanker truck is good old-fashioned father time.  The natural insulation in the tanker truck allows hot products to be cooled to the desired temperature before delivery.

Of course with time accuracy is lost and actual temperatures are a little more unpredictable than the other methods of temperature controlled chemical transport.

If you need transporting a chemical that has strict temperature requirements, don’t let that integrity of it and the relationship with your customer to chance.  Hire a reliable liquid bulk carrier familiar with every option of temperature manipulation to move your chemical freight safely and on time.

Total connection is an experienced liquid bulk freight broker with over 30 years of experience in every industry.  Request a free liquid bulk quote today and one of our chemical experts will reach out right away and give you a cost-effective quote for the safe handling and on-time transport of your liquid chemical shipment.

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